Deutsche Schule Nairobi

Class 1-4

General educational opportunities (all in German)

Logo - News for children Planet Schule - Online films, multimedia offers and knowledge pool Scholastic - Offers on history and natural sciences up to class 9 Schlaukopf - interactive online tests for all school types, grades and subjects Anton - Learning app for grades 1-10 for the subjects German, maths, science, biology, D.A.T. and music BR Checker-World - Video clips in which exciting “checker“ questions on various topics are answered Hamsterkiste - Learning stories and topic pages for German and math, grades 1-4 ZDF - Virtual classroom


Mrs Hu explains - Mrs. Huballah explains contents from the subject German in a playful and descriptive way. Up to now, there are offers for the following topics: prepositions, types of sentences, ie-rule, endings, types of words, “ World of Books“ : visiting a library, reading, book presentation and Antolin. The learning videos are particularly suitable for children from Classes 2 and 3, some videos are also suitable for Class 1 and Class 4

Radio plays & stories in German

ARD Audiothek - Radio plays for children, children's reports, funny stories SWR Radio play - Children's radio plays of the German radio channel SWR WDR Radio play - Children's radio plays of the German radio channel WDR Nextory - Audio books for children (at the moment even for free) SimplyE - New York Public Library (also in German) Goethe Institut - The online lending from the Goethe-Institut. Students can register with their e-mail address Project Gutenberg - Free E-Books for download Amira - Reading program for primary school children in nine languages (reading and listening) Hörfux - Free audio books Einfach Vorlesen - Weekly new books for 3 different age groups to read aloud (or read by yourself)